Saikat Majumdar is a novelist, academic, and a commentator on the arts, literature, and higher education. He is the author of four novels, most recently, The Middle Finger (2022), and The Scent of God (2019), The Firebird (2015, published as Play House in the US in 2017), and Silverfish (2007). He has also published a book of literary criticism, Prose of the World (2013), a general nonfiction book on higher education, College: Pathways of Possibility (2018), and a co-edited collection of essays, The Critic as Amateur (2019).

Saikat has taught at Stanford University, was a Fellow at the Humanities Centre at Wellesley College, and is currently Professor of English & Creative Writing at Ashoka University. In Spring 2023, he is a Fellow at the Stellenbosch Institute of Advanced Study.

He writes regularly for the Times Higher Education, Hindu, Telegraph, Scroll, Hindustan Times, and a book column for the Los Angeles Review of Books, “Another Look at India’s Books.” 

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