Play House

play-house-coverMajumdar, Saikat. Play House. Permanent Pr Pub Co: 2017

For ten-year-old Ori, his mother’s life as a theatre actress holds as much fascination as it does fear.

Approaching adolescence in an unstable home, he is haunted by her nightly stage appearances, and the suspicion and resentment her profession evokes in people around her, at home and among their neighbors. Increasingly consumed by an obsessive hatred of the stage, Ori is irrevocably drawn into a pattern of behavior that can only have catastrophic consequences.

Political bullies, actors and actresses, hairdressers, set boys and backstage crew make up the world of Play House , a haunting exploration of a young boy stumbling into adulthood far ahead of his years.

This is the first US edition of one of the most widely read and acclaimed recent Indian works of literary fiction.

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