College- Pathways of Possibility

Majumdar, Saikat. College- Pathways of Possibility. Bloomsbury: 2018.


What are the avenues of postsecondary educational experience available to the student in India today?

Can college education be tailored to one’s specific talents and meaningful to the world at the same time?

Is there indeed such a thing as native intelligence? What is the ideal education to bring such intelligences to life?

What are the possible curricular relationships between the arts and the sciences; the qualitative and the quantitative, the theoretical and the experiential?

How deeply should a college education be rooted in a discipline? Should one cultivate one disciplinary strength or multiple ones?

What is more valued by employers – depth or range?

College provides accessible answers to these questions that will resonate with students with a wide range of life aspirations. It is an erudite and interesting guide to the possibilities contained in the rapidly changing realm of higher education today.

It is essential reading for current and future college students, their parents, educators and anybody interested in the rich potential in the terrain of post secondary education in post-millennial India.

Interdisciplinary education is not a rare thing. In fact, to understand most disciplines, you need the support of neighbouring disciplines…Continue reading on Times of India.

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