Saikat Majumdar is a novelist, critic, and scholar. He was educated in India and the United States, where he taught for several years, most recently at Stanford University, before returning to India.

He is the author of three novels, most recently, The Scent of God (2019). Previous novels include Silverfish (2007), and the widely acclaimed The Firebird (published in the US as Play House), a finalist for the Atta-Galatta/Bangalore Literature Festival Fiction Prize and the Mumbai Film Festival Word-to-Screen Market, and featured in The Telegraph’s Best Books of 2015.

He has also published a book of literary criticism, Prose of the World (2013), which received Honourable Mention at the Modernist Studies Association Book Prize in 2014, and a book of popular nonfiction, College: Pathways of Possibility (2018).

Saikat’s work has been featured in publications around the world, including Times Higher Education, The Hindu, Times Literary Supplement, Caravan, Los Angeles Review of Books, Telegraph, Scroll, and the Cambridge History of the Indian Novel in English. He taught literature for several years at Stanford University and is now Professor of English and Creative Writing at Ashoka University. He was recently named a Fellow at the Newhouse Center of Humanities at Wellesley College.

Saikat lives in Delhi and is Professor of English and Creative Writing at Ashoka University..