The Middle Finger

The announcement for the upcoming novel.

A timely, provocative, poignant. campus novel that questions basic ideas of class, privilege and love.

What is the meaning of the teacher-student relationship, and what are the ethical boundaries in terms of friendship and personal intimacy? These questions lie at the heart of The Middle Finger. Megha, a young writing lecturer in New Jersey, struggles to finish her thesis and find full-time employment even as she begins to find underground fame as a poet. At the insistence of her professor, she moves to Delhi to teach at a new university. Soon, she discovers that the university is an island of wealth and privilege, and that her mandate is to teach and train some of the key members of India’s ruling class. But the calling is disrupted as an unexpected new friend enters her life and seeks her support.

In a sharp and lyrical prose. The Middle Finger, tells the story of a poet grappling with questions about mentorship and belonging, moving across geographical space and social boundaries.


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